To start VanDusen Timber has been in the timber buying and logging business in East Texas since 1978. There are very few timber companies in East Texas that can say that.

How have we stayed in business that long you ask?


Our clients are the #1 priority. We would not be around for this long with out building a strong reputation with our clients for being honest, trustworthy, and fair.

If that’s not enough, here are 10┬áreasons why we are the timber company for you.

  1. We pay absolute TOP DOLLAR for you timber.
  2. We offer free appraisal and management plans.
  3. We offer multiple types of timber purchase agreements.
  4. We merchandise your wood to its fullest extent. Leaving very little waste.
  5. We use the most advanced logging equipment. Leaving your land in great shape.
  6. We put the landowners wants and needs before our profit.
  7. We own our logging crews. So they follow exactly what we say.
  8. We are certified by the Texas Logging Council.
  9. We follow the most updated versions of the Sustainable Forestry Initiative and Best Management Practices.
  10. We have experience in all types of timber harvesting.

If you want to sell your timber and you like what you have read above call me:

Graham VanDusen

(903) 576-0587

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